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You are getting this message because you downloaded a version of IFC Exporter for Revit or IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit prior to June 14, 2013. We have posted an update to both, which you can get to using the links below:


IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 (v2.11):

IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit 2013 (v1.11):


IFC Exporter for Revit 2014 (v3.3):

IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit 2014 (v2.3):

Updates from the previous versions are listed below. Please upgrade to the newest version!

If you do not wish to receive upgrade notices, please reply and I will make sure you don’t get these notices in the future.

Angel Velez
Senior Principal Engineer
Autodesk, Inc.

P.S.: Please note that the SourceForge site has slightly newer versions of the exporter (v2.11.2, v3.3.2) that include support for the new Dutch Revit Standards. If this is of interest to you, please go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/ifcexporter/files/?source=navbar. The SourceForge changes will be included in the v2.12/v3.4 exporter updates for the App Store.

What’s new for IFC Exporter for Revit v2.11/v3.3:
New Functionality:
– #CV-2×3-166: change the corresponding instance entity class for IfcSpaceHeaterType from IfcEnergyConversionDevice to IfcFlowTerminal.

Bug Fixes:
– Assign correct Revit internal properties for elements in containers.
– Allow MEP zones to export Pset_ZoneCommon, fix 2 property names.
– Fix export of multi-story ramps.
– Fix orientation of some connectors.
– Properly calculate Ceiling:Finish property. Previously, the value was not reset between ceilings, resulting in an ever-growing list of finish materials.
– Prevent duplicate GUIDs for some elements and Psets that re-used the same GUID values. Note that this will have the effect of a one-time change of GUID values for some IfcPropertySets.
– Stop duplication of Cartesian points in the output of some BReps.

What’s new for IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit v1.11/v2.3:
New Functionality:

– Added “Use coarse tessellation for some BReps” option, defaulting to true.