Her er den nyeste IFC Exporter for Revit fra Autodesk


IFC Exporter 2013 (v2.15.1):

IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit 2013 (v1.13):


IFC Exporter 2014 (v3.7.1):

IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit 2014 (v2.5):

What’s new for IFC Exporter for Revit v2.15.1/v3.7.1:
New Functionality

– Create IfcTelecomAddress containing the primary e-mail address of the user if it is set via the alternate UI.
– Major improvements on exporting correct values for parameters, including:
– Continuing cleanup of code to make adding new parameters easier.
– Limited support for currency, based on supported values in Revit. Some shared currencies (e.g., dollar, krona) may not always have the right locale set.
– Improve scaling for parameter values on export to respect offset values, primarily for temperature.
– Separate units for color temperature vs. thermodynamic temperature.
– Support for Celsius in addition to Kelvin. – Support for electrical illuminance, luminous flux, luminous intensity, luminous efficacy, and pressure.

Bug Fixes:

– Avoid potential crash when storing IFC GUIDs in the file after export.
– Export styled items for extrusions if exporting solid models via the alternate UI.
– Fix parameter scaling for many parameter types when exporting schedules as property sets.
– Fix regression where items that should have been contained in an IfcSpace were no longer attached to either the IfcSpace or the IfcBuildingStorey.
– Improved control over exporting reveals and wall sweeps.