Det er ikke andet end 4 dage siden jeg har opdateret mine IFC eksporter for Revit 2013 og 2014 og nu er der allerede nye opdateringer igen.

Nu er det nok ikke fordi Autodesk er ud med opdateringerne så hurigt igen men fordi jeg har været lidt sent med de sidste opdateringer.

Hvis du sidder med en Revit architecture, structure eller MEP er det også disse opdatering du skal bruge.

God arbejdslyst.



IFC Exporter for Revit 2013 (v2.16):


IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit 2013 (v1.16):



IFC Exporter for Revit 2014 (v3.8):


IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit 2014 (v2.8):


Updates from the previous versions are listed below.  Please upgrade to the newest versions!

What’s new for IFC Exporter for Revit v2.16/v3.8:

New Functionality

– Allow the user to specify the name of one field that   will serve as a classification.

– Allow the user to specify which phase to export,   instead of defaulting to the last phase.

– Unlimited number of generic “ClassificationCode   (x)” fields (up from 10).

Bug Fixes

– Always export OmniClass information if it exists,   even if another classification is always provided.

– (2014 Only) Export some missing BRep IfcOpeningElements   when a wall split by level had an insert that spanned multiple levels.

– (2014 Only) IFC4: don’t export obsolete   IfcRelOccupiesSpaces; use IfcRelAssignsToActor instead.

What’s new for IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit v1.16/v2.8:

New Functionality

– Add “Classification Field Name” to   Classification tab in Assignments.  This allows a user to specify the   name of one field that will serve as a classification.

– Add “Phase to Export” UI to allow user to   choose which phase to export.  This field is grayed out if exporting the   current view.  Note that this does not apply to rooms or spaces – that   will be in the next update.


– Fix “Duplicate” button in the export setup   dialog to respond to left-clicking.